In Memory of Ian Craib (1945-2002)

Obituaries by Ted Benton, Mike Roper and John Walshe, and a tribute to Ian by his son, Ben Craib

Portrait of Professor Ian Craib (1945-2002)

Extract from obituary by Professor Ted Benton, Dept. of Sociology (2003)

Ian Craib, who has died at the tragically early age of 57, was professor of Sociology at the University of Essex. Despite his personal modesty, the continuous stream of books, articles and reviews which he authored over more than 25 years earned great respect both in and well beyond the academy. A mark of his originality is his commitment to asking the large and important questions which necessarily transgress disciplinary boundaries. In Ian’s case, philosophy, literature, psychoanalysis and social theory were all called upon in the making of his unique contribution… (continued under ‘Memories/Obituaries’)


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