Agnes Skamballis, BA 1998, MA 2000

AgnesSkamballis, BA 1998, MA 2000I started studying at Essex in 1996 and after completing both my BA and MA I am still here. During my MA, I began working as the editorial administrator with Ken Plummer on the journal Sexualities.  Subsequently I also became the editorial administrator for European Societies with the former editor John Scott and now with Göran Therborn. I still enjoy immensely my work on the journals.

Both my dissertations focussed on the topic of domestic violence within the Greek Cypriot community in London.
My interest in the topic of domestic violence led to my active involvement in the local refuge.  I was also a research assistant on a nationwide project in partnership with The University of Warwick. The project ‘Talking to my Mum’ which explored the relationship of mothers and children who had suffered abuse.

I enjoy participating in different projects which interest me, one being the up and coming 50th anniversary of the department.  I also enjoy organising conferences and workshops.  The last conference which I was involved in was The Dennis Marsden Memorial conference.

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