The Essex Sociology Roll Call

The Essex Sociology Roll CallThis month we start a new feature:

The Essex Sociology Roll Call

We guess that at least some 6,000 students, staff and others  have been in, around and through the department over its 50 years.

We can never hope to locate most of them.

But here for the record,  we start to build  a little listing  of some of them.  

Starting with this first entry in February 2014, we hope to add about twenty new names each month.

You can send your short entry direct to us  and of course you can still continue to write longer entries for the blog.

Also let us have corrections and amendments (see how…..)

This is an ongoing saga: so here are the first twenty.


Graham ALLEN (1967-70,BA; 1970-6 PhD )  taught in the Sociology Departments at Exeter University, University of Southampton (1975) and became Professor of Social Relations/ Sociology at Keele University in 2000

 Liz BEATTIE (1974-7, BA) became an educationalist and recently retired as Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Cumbria

 Annie BIELECKA  (1977-8 MASSP ) became a social work tutor at North London. She is now a textile artist living in Wivenhoe

 Virginia BOTTOMLEY (1960’s BA) became the Conservative Secretary of State for Health under John Major (1992-5), Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone in 2005 and Chancellor of the University of Hull in 2006  (see Wikipedia entry)

Joanna BORNAT (    ) is Emeritus Professor at the Open University. She has for many years been a committee member of the Oral History Society and joint editor of the journal Oral History. She is a founder member of the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies

 David BOUCHIER (1968-1986:BA, PhD, Staff) taught at Essex for a decade and then at SUNY. He left academia in the 1980’s to become a writer and broadcaster.

 Keith BRADLEY was Professor of Business and Business Management at the Open University and Cass Business School. He is a Director of Integra.

 Kerman CALVO ( dates at Essex?  is in the Department of Sociology and Communication in 2010 and a Member of the Juan March Institute at Universidad de Salmanca. He previously worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Universities of Essex (‘Human Rights Centre’), UOC, Carlos III and Pompeu Fabra and the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies (as researcher ‘García Pelayo’).

 Liz CARTER (1999-2009, BA, MA, PhD) is Senior Lecture in Criminology at Buckinghamshire New University. Her book Analyzing Police Interviews won the Criminology Award in 2012 for the British Society of Criminology.

Rohhss CHAPMAN (1980-3,BA; 83-5,MA) now lectures in Disability Studies at Manchester University

 Chantanee CHAROENSRI   (2001 PhD) is currently a lecturer in Sociology at Thammasat University, Bangkok.

Wycliffe CHILOWA   (   )  was last located as Director of the Centre for Social Research at the University of Malawi

 Simon CLARKE (1967-75, PhD, 1971 lecturer) became Professor of Sociology at Warwick University where he is now Emeritus Professor.

Stephen CLAYTON  is a Lecturer on the Masters in Public Health and Research Fellow in the Department of Public Health and Policy at the University of Liverpool. He has more recently been involved in comparative studies of the impacts of active labour market policies aimed at people with long-term illnesses and disabilities.

 Deborah COLES  ( )  is Director of Inquest, a charity which deals with bereaved people facing and inquest, with a focus on deaths in custody.

 Ben CREWE (  …..) is  Director of Penology and Deputy Director of Prisons Research  Centre at the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge. He is the author of  The Prisoner Society.

 Matt DAWSON ( 2003-7, BA , MA) completed his PhD at Sussex in 2011 and am now a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow

Graham CROW (1978-82, MA, PhD) was for many years at Southampton University and is now at Edinburgh University as Director of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, and Professor of Sociology and Methodology (since 2013); Deputy Director, ESRC National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) (since 2006)

 John DAVIS  (197xxx?    is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Portsmouth University and about to retire!

Fernando DE MAIO  (    )  is Associate Professor of Sociology at DePaul University. He was previously an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. He serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology

For the growing list, go to Roll Call


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