Visiting Professor, Scholars, Lecturers

Visiting Scholars, Professors and Lecturers have included:

Ronald Fletcher (1968-69),

Harrison C. White (1970),

Johan Galtung (1968-71),

Art Stinchcombe (1969),

Michael Pohoski ((1973),

Harvey Moltoch (1975-6),

Gerry Maxwell (1978-9),

Evan Stark (1980-1)

Richard Molica

Diane Bartel (1983)

Sonya Rose (1984)

John Gagnon (1984),

Robert Broadhead (1984)

Richard Williams (1985),

Katzu Harada (1983),

Ken Arisue (1985).

To be continued:


Erling Berge, Hakon Leiulsfrud, Evan Stark,, Ruth Glass,, Geoff Tesson, Margaret Levi, Gerry Zeitz and Shunsuke Fujimori. J.S. Kim; S. Kim; Arthur Brown, Ronald Fraser and George Ewart Evans ……………… and many others were visitors.

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