Some Major Lectures

This page is very much under construction as we try to recall great moments from our past!

The Fuller Lectures A local philanthropist, Jessie Fuller, left a bequest to advance research in the department on hearing Peter Townsend’s foundation lecture in the early 1960’s. As one way of honouring this exceptionally valuable gift, the department organises an occasional lecture series in her honour. The first lecture we believe was in 1978.  For many years they took place every two years, but in recent times they have been an annual event. Lectures have been given by:

  • John Goldthorpe
  • Nov 9th 1981: Klaus Offe –  Goods, Service and the Changing Nature of Work.
  • Andre Betaille: 10th May 1982 – Collective Identity
  • Theda Skopcol
  • Anthony Giddens
  • April 1993: Arlie Hochschild – also as Plenary Lecture at the British Sociological Conference at Essex 
  • March 1994: Stanley Cohen  The Sociology of Denial: On Reacting to Suffering and  Atrocities
    also with launch of The Oxford Dictionary of Sociology
  • ?????
  • Richard Senett (1997?)
  • Raewyn  (R.W.)  Connell (2001) A World Intelligentsia: Globalisation, Intellectual Labour and the Politics of Knowledge
  • Carol Smart (2002)
  • Robin Blackburn (2003)
  • Shere Hite (1994)
  • Catherine Hall (2005)
  • Iris Marion Young (2006)
  • Judith Stacey (2007)
  • Nigel Thrift (2008)
  • Les Back (2009)
  • Roland Robertson (2010)
  • Mike Savage (2011)
  • Beverley Skeggs (2012)
  • Andrew Abbott (2013)  The Economics of Knowledge for Itself

The Annual First Year Undergraduate Lectures This series started in 1988 in tandem with a newly designed First Year Introductory Sociology Course and aimed to provide a large formal occasion for students to meet celebrated thinkers. It switched track a little later to bring in older students and hear about their work.

Note: some details are unclear here and need clarification.

First series

  • Anthony Coxon (1988)
  • Anthony Giddens (1989)
  • Eileen Barker (1990)
  • Betsi Stanko (1992)
  • Antony Giddens (1993)
  • Jock Young (1994)
  • Mary McIntosh 1996
  • George Ritzer  (1997)

New series: old students and staff

  • Liz Kelly  (2001)
  • Karen O’Reilly (2002)
  • Sylvia Walby (2003-4)
  • Dennis Marsden (2004-5)
  • Fiona Devine (2005-06)
  • Aisha Gill (2006-07)
  • Nigel South (2007-08)
  • Susie Scott (2008-09)
  • Christine Rogers (2009-10)
  • Damien Short (2010-11)
  • Ruth Lister (2011-12)
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