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Liz Carter, PhD 2009

Image of Liz Carter, who completed her PhD in 2009

I studied for 10 years at Essex, completing a BA Psycholinguistics (2002), MA Criminology (2004), MA Criminological Research (2005) and finally PhD in Sociology in 2009.

I work full time as a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Buckinghamshire New University, I am an active member of the Forensic Linguist community and I also take on criminological and forensic linguistic consultancy and deliver police training in interviewing techniques. I’ve recently published a book – Carter, E. (2011)’Analysing police interviews: Laughter, confessions and the tape’. London: Continuum, which was awarded the ‘Criminology Book Prize 2012’ from the British Society of Criminology.

I enjoy an active life to balance out all those hours I spend transcribing and analysing data! I rock climb, run (all distances, but prefer mid and long distance races), and have started taking up the silks and trapeze in circus skills training. I also like to bake and have started a small business called Little Little to sell my cakey goodies.

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