Tales from ‘Imaginations’

Tales from

‘Imaginations: Fifty Years of Essex Sociology’ (2014), edited by Ken Plummer. Published by The Wivenhoe Press

In this section, you will find a few  extracts from this unique book which tells the story of the Sociology Department at the University of Essex through fifty contributions from past and present. With many photographs, the students and lecturers in the department tell the story of its history, its ideas and its community. It provides an unusual insight into the workings of a British university department as well as the shape of modern British sociology.

Copies are best ordered through The Wivenhoe Bookshop: by phone 01026 824050; by e mail wiven.books@zelnet.co.uk; or web site: http://www.wivenhoebooks.com

Or directly from Ken Plummer, email plumkessex@gmail.com

Or from Waterstones, the Essex University Bookshop: by phone: 01206 864773  or email: essexuni@waterstones.com

Publication price: £25.00

With post and packing in UK £30.00  Overseas will have to add extra.

ISBN: 9780957085046; 208pp, 50 contributors.
It can also be ordered though Amazon but they will effectively take all the money!

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